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Ancient religious metropolis

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Mandalay, Myanmar

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City that tramples enemies

Bagan temple complex consists of more than 2000 ancient temples overgrown by lush forest. Built in 12th century by Pagan kingdom rulers, it was a nexus of 10,000 of individual worship places for various religions - Buddhist temple, stupas, and pagodas were among them. Then name Bagan came from the Burmese word Pugan which means “the city that tramples enemies”. Today, Bagan temple complex is one of the main attractions of Myanmar tourism, along with Angkor Wat.

Straight out of an adventure movie

Bagan temples which boast extreme skill put into the architecture and intricately designed walls and doors are now covered with plants and trees. This strange blend of wilderness and human architecture makes the temples look like they came straight out of Indiana Jones movie or a Lara Croft video game. Bagan temples that cover more than 26 square miles of land is now protected by the government as a top-priority cultural and historic site.

Exploring Bagan

Travellers can visit Bagan and explore the place on foot ride through the narrow paths on bicycles provided in the nearby village. There is also an option to sightsee the entire complex from hot air balloon, which is the best possible method to view most of the sight Bagan can offer within a short period of time. But the more interested travellers can hike around the entire place to enjoy all the little details and wonders of ancient Pagan architecture.

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