Cano Cristales

River that looks like melted rainbow

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Meta, Colombia

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Rainbow river

Cano Cristales in Colombia is called as the river of five colors. One look at any of the photos of the river and it will become clear why it is called so; the river flows in five colors - red, green, blue, yellow and black! The name Cano Cristales means “crystal channel” and it is often called as the most beautiful river on the planet, and we kind of agree to that.

Secret of the rainbow colors

The color of Cano Cristales river is dominantly red, which comes from a water plant called Macarenia Clavigera. Other colors come from black rocks under the river, crystal clear blue water, green algae and warm-yellow sand. All these are layered naturally so well that it reminds us of a crayon set being melted.

Visit Cano Cristales

One of the strangest features of Cano Cristales is that there are absolutely no fish or other creatures of any kind in the water. The river has so many waterfalls and pools, so visitors can have a great time in the water, without being annoyed by any fish or crabs. Best time to visit Cano Cristales is from July to November, where the algae and water plants are plenty and the river gets all colored up. But keep in mind that a long hike is required to reach the river from the nearest dropping point.

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