Casa Del Arbol Tree House

Swing at the end of the world!

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Banos, Equador

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Mother of all swings

Travellers from all around the world visit Casa Del Arbol tree house in Ecuador to ride a swing. Yes, that’s right! A simple swing that doesn’t look any different from your average playing ground swing. So, what’s the big deal you might ask? It is suspended at a height of 8500 feet in the air! The swing is hanging from the edge of a mountain and you can enjoy the gorgeous view while swinging, provided you can keep your eyes open while screaming!

Humble origin

Casa del Arbol tree house was first built near a seismological research centre and someone thought it was a good idea to hang a swing from it at the edge of the cliff. On the hindsight, it absolutely was a good idea according to the travellers who visit the spot just to have the most memorable swing of their life. Earlier it didn’t have any safety measure attached, you either swing it or you don’t. But now they have buckles and grips, also the help of guides to help you enjoy the swing.

Worth a visit

Casa del Arbol has so many sights and experiences to offer, the swing at the world’s end is just one of them. It is a calm and quiet place with the backdrop of lush forests and mountains. In fact, it’s not just the thrill of the swing but also the gorgeous views that make it more appealing. You can also hike the nearby hills and go on sightseeing.

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