Chocolate Hills

Massive Hershey’s Kisses on the ground

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Sierra Bullones, Philippines

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Hershey’s Hills

Bohol island in Philippines has so many hills, 1286 to be precise. Each of them measures about 100 feet to 160 feet. But what makes them special is that they look like some otherworldly architect made them equally shaped and laid them on the ground equally spaced. They remind us about numerous Hershey’s chocolate kisses arranged on the floor, with their brown coloration and conical shape.

Centuries in the making

Geologists are a bit confused about the formation of these symmetrical hills which all look the same. Some say it was due to selective limestone weathering, some others argue that it was some volcanic eruption which made the chunks on the ground which later cooled off to form the hills. Whatever the origin story, there is no discord about how good they look, especially in summer season.

Sweet sights to behold

Chocolate Hills is a major tourist spot in Philippines and you can have a gorgeous view of the whole landscape from a resort called Chocolate Hills Complex, which is run by the government. You can also head to Sagbayan Peak, which is not far from Chocolate Hills, to get a wider view from a higher altitude. Some of the Chocolate Hills are remodeled to accommodate tourists and various facilities are arranged for a better experience while visiting the spot.

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