Dochula Pass

A safe haven for the spiritual wanderers

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Timphu, Bhutan

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Memories of the fallen

Dochula Pass in Bhutan consists of 108 memorial stupas which were built in honor of the 108 Bhutanese soldiers who died in a 2003 military operation. These memorials are known as “Druk Wangyal Chortens.” and they are not just a place of historical and religious importance, but also a popular tourist attraction that any traveler would want to witness on their journey through Bhutan.

Five fundamental forces

Dochula Pass has a lot of photogenic spots that vary from snowclad mountains to lush forests. You can also see the buildings and trees covered in colorful religious prayer flags which you can take home as souvenirs. The flags made in five colours representing the natural forces - sky, clouds, fire, water and earth - are inscribed with Buddhist prayers for the well-being and prosperity of the country.

Annual festival

The best time to visit Dochula Pass is from September to February for better views of the snow-laden Himalayas when the temperature will go down as low as zero degree Celsius. You can also take part in the Druk Wangyal Lhakhang Annual Festival celebrated on 13th of December. You can reach Dochula pass in just one hour ride from the Thimphu Airport.

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