Dunnottar Castle

Perfect hideout for any gothic novel villain

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Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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Evil mastermind’s lair

Dunnottar Castle in Scotland looks like it is some evil mastermind’s lair thanks to its placement on the edge of a seaside cliff and its architecture. The castle is situated in a remote Scottish town named Stonehaven near the North Sea. The castle and it exterior spread over 3 acres and are standing on the edge of a cliff that is at a height of 150 feet from the sea level. The castle is separated from the mainland and is accessible by a very narrow strip of land.

History of bloodshed

Dunnottar Castle was built in its current form during the 15th century, even though there are pieces of evidence that show there were settlements from the time before Christ. The castle has seen many conflicts and battles throughout its eventful history - from Vikings who used to plunder their way through the North Sea to Knights and rebels who waged wars against each other. Some of the events portrayed in the movie Braveheart were witnessed by the castle, like when it was set on fire during one of the battles.

Pride of Scotland

Dunnottar Castle is now one among the icons of Scotland and the country recognizes it as a cultural and historical treasure. The Honours of Scotland, also known as the Scottish Crown Jewels. were once kept in the castle. You can visit Dunnottar Castle preferably in summer, that is from April to September, for better views of the beach. Expect to pay a small amount of entrance fee, but touring the entire castle complex is totally worth the price.

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