Fingal's Cave

Geometrically perfect cave that inspired many artists

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Staffa Island, Scotland

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Geometrically perfect

Fingal’s Cave is located in the islands of Staffa, which is not far from the coasts of Scotland. it’s an inhabited island and is home to one of the most bizarre looking cave in the world. Bizarre in such a way that it will make the spectators wonder how nature can create such a geometrically perfect structure cave without any human intervention. The numerous hexagonal columns in the cave are very well arranged and chiseled out by the forces of nature.

Centuries in creation

Fingal Cave’s hexagonal structures weer formed as a combined result of molten lava being cooled and eroded by seawaves. For many centuries Fingal’s cave remained relatively unknown outside Scotland, and was popularized in 1770s by Sir Joseph Banks, who was a British naturalist. Later, Fingals’ Caves made its way into pop culture by being referenced in several poems, novels and even in a Pink Floyd song.

When to visit

Fingal Caves can be visited any time of the year as there are no extreme weather conditions prevalent in Staffa islands. The whole island and the caves can be explored without any restrictions, but if you are looking for an easier time, then you can opt to visit from April to September when there are so many sightseeing cruises available. You can also see Puffin birds flocking on the island, although fewer in number than other Scottish lands.

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