Glowworm Caves

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Waitomo, New Zealand

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Under a star-filled cave

Waitomo Glowworm Caves are famous for its dark caverns filled with glowing worms - millions of them! These glow worms are found only in New Zealand and they have the ability to exhibit bioluminescence, akin to fireflies. The sight of them glowing in the dark is so fascinating and can be enjoyed by visitors without any heavy trekking, as guided boat tours are available through the caves.

History of the cave

The magical caves of Waitomo were first discovered by Maori, the native people of New Zealand. Later, many western surveyors came to explore the caves in search of valuable resources. They were amazed by the huge deposits of limestone and the sights of glow worms during the night. Later the caves were taken over by the government and were converted into an accessible tourist spot.

Exploring Waitomo

Travellers can take a three-leveled tour through the Glowworm caves. The top level consists of the cave entrance filled with limestone deposits and ancient catacombs. The second level is where the visitors can stop to eat and explore the interior of the rocky caves. The final level takes you all the way down to the bottom where you can take a boat to explore through the depths of the cave which is filled with glowing worms, making it look like a star-filled night sky.

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