Gurez Valley

Where the mighty Himalayas meet the beautiful Kishanganga

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Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India

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Rendezvous point

Gurez Valley lies along the Line-Of-Control (LOC) between India and Pakistan and was closed to the public until 2007 for security reasons. It lies about 8,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The Kishanganga River flows through the valley and there is a summit point with the Himalayas.

Time in a bottle

Dawar, the town of the Gurez valley will be cut off from the rest of the human settlements during the winter for about six months. Without electricity, telephone or any such connections with the rest of the world, it is a very unique experience for the inhabitants as they are pushed back a few decades in terms of technology. But this total isolation is one of the salient features of the place as the people do enjoy this strange feeling of tranquility and solitude.

Trekking and adventure

Travelers can enjoy extremely challenging trekking spots in Gurez valley along with some experiences like Trout Fishing and Camping. You can also rent various log wood houses in the area to catch the beautiful dawns and dusks.

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