Havasupai Falls

Hidden gem in the Grand Canyon

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Supai, Arizona

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In the shadow of Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a tourist spot that needs no introduction and it is one of the most visited locations in the world. But it is easier to miss this rather hidden spot while visiting the natural wonder that is Grand Canyons. We are talking about Havasupai Falls that nose-dive into the crystal blue-green pool below. It is not only a sight to behold, but one of the best natural pools to delve yourself in to have a relaxing swim.

Well-hidden beauty

Havasupai Falls or simply Havasu Falls were under the control of the native Havasupai tribe, well-hidden from the outside world and travellers. There were several attempts to keep the visitors limited for keeping the natural beauty of the falls intact. But word-of-mouth publicity and photographs made Havasu Falls a well sought-after tourist spot in Arizona. Additionally, the nearby falls - Mooney, Navajo, and Beaver Falls - add to the appeal of visiting Havasupai.

Reaching there

Visiting Havasupai Falls is not a trivial matter, because of several reasons starting from the difficulty to obtain a visit permit. After getting the permit, you will have to take a helicopter ride to the spot, or a horse ride if you are into that. Even if you take the ride, a 10 km trekking is required to reach the falls and the pool, plus the same distance that has to be walked while returning. Are all these chores worth it? Absolutely yes, if you ask the travellers who have been there before!

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