Island of Dolls

Annabelle’s favourite hangout place

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Mexico City, Mexico

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Creepy little dolls

The Island of Dolls (or La Isla de las Muñecas) is an uninhabited island near Mexico city and it can be considered to be one of the creepiest “tourist” destinations in the world. The word dolls would make you think about all the artsy and cutesy creations like Barbie and Ken. But no, we are talking about the horrifying kind, like Annabelle and Chucky! Yep, that’s right. An island full of weird, creepy dolls hanging from trees, stuck on bushes and even in places, you won’t be able to guess.

Story of the island

Hundreds of travellers reach the island to experience the atmosphere filled with an uneasiness. Most of these dolls are decapitated, dismembered and lacking eyeballs. But who would, in their right minds, “decorate” an entire island with such abominations? The answer is Julian Santana Barrera! He was a Mexican man who believed that the island was cursed by the ghost of a young girl who drowned in a lake. He left his family and spent his life entire life to fill the island with dolls to appease the ghost. All this happened 50 years ago and some folks still believe in the ghost who would roam around the island.

Haunted island

Julian Santana Barrera was found dead on the island in 2001 when a relative found his dead body in a canal. It is believed that the girl whose ghost Julian tried to appease was also drowned in the same canal! Whatever be the stories, there is no denying that spending a night on the island is a bone-chilling experience. It is for this same adrenaline-rush that many thrill-seekers visit the island. You can reach the Island of Dolls from Mexico City via boat service to experience it yourself.

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