Kalavantin Durg

One of the steepest treks in India

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Raigad, Maharashtra, India

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Climb to the heaven

Kalavantin Durg is an ancient fort that is located on a steep mountain. Did I emphasize on “steep”? Because it is one of the most dangerous locations for any fort in the world. The ascend is possible only by thousands of hand-carved steps on the hill. The spot is called “Climb to the Heaven” by the locals for this particular reason!

Rich in history

Kalavantin Durg has a rich history to tell right from 530 BC when it was built by the Bahmani Sultan who ruled the area back then. Later, it saw several conflicts throughout history and change in hands of its possession to Ahmadnagar Sultanate and later to Mughal Empire.

An adventurous refuge

Umaji Naik Khomane, the famous Indian freedom fighter took refuge here during the British rule. He chose this treacherous spot to escape from his pursuers because of how difficult the climb was, and for the same reason, it is highly recommended that you take extra precautions while attempting to climb the Kalavantin Durg. In the end, it’s totally worth it just for the exquisite panoramic view from the top.

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