Kochia Hill

Nature’s fluffy carpet

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Hitachinaka, Japan

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    Cover Photo ByMiho H
Image of Kochia Hill

Color-changing carpet

Kochia Hill will like a fluffy carpet made of fine velvet when looked from above! A carpet that changes its color from lush green to crimson red in autumn. Kochia Hill is covered with more than 30,000 individual Kochia bushes which blooms giving the hills this fascinating coloration. In fact, these Kochia plants that measure just inches from the ground is locally called burning bush and the reason for this name is evident from the photos alone.

Kochia Carnival

We highly recommend visiting Kochia Hills in the autumn season, that is after October when the bushes turn to their iconic crimson red color. You can also take part in the Kochia Carnival organized during from 16th September to 22nd October annually. It is also advised that you avoid weekends as the spot is very crowded, so you can have a more relaxed sightseeing like the way Kochia Hills is meant to be enjoyed.

A walk to remember

Kochia Hill is not far from Hitachinaka City and transportation is available in plenty to take you to the spot. Even though these bushes are used mainly to make brooms, the beauty they add to the landscape when bloomed is what attracts all the visitors to the hill. You can walk at leisure to enjoy the scenery or take a train that goes around the hill at a comfortable pace just for your viewing pleasure. Either way, Kochia Hills won’t disappoint anyone with what it has to offer.

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