Lonar Lake

The only floating national park in the world

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Buldhana, Maharashtra, India

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The Celestial Sculpture

Lonar Lake was formed by the impact of a meteor from the outer space 50,000 years ago and it is one of the spots that has even the NASA interested. Compass fails to work at this spot and what lies beneath the lake is still largely unknown.

Where the myth sleeps

Named after Lonasura from the Indian mythology, the Lonar Lake is surrounded by several temples and has some remains of ancient ruins that has erotic statues and carvings, as in Khajuraho Temple. All these artifacts enhances the surreal beauty of the wide, tranquil lake.

A Hidden Gem

Most tourists might miss this place as it is one of the spots that demands much effort from trekkers side. Also, not many people have heard about this spot as most of them visit only Ajanta and Ellora Caves nearby. Don’t miss this hidden gem next time you plan your trip!

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