Mendenhall Ice Caves

Surreal blue ice cave

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Alaska, United States

Image of Mendenhall Ice Caves

Adventurers’ paradise

Mendenhall ice caves in Alaska is not for the faint of heart. To reach there, you need to kayak yourself through the freezing water, then take a risky climb up one of the coldest glaciers on the earth. But all these exhausting trekking is totally worth it when you reach the Mendenhall ice cave! The roof of the cave is made of nothing but thick ice, and it makes the interior of the entire cave turquoise blue!

Reaching the ice cave

You can reach Mendenhall ice caves, which is a part of the 12-mile long Mendenhall glacier, by travelling from the Alaskan town Juneau. It is a protected area as the region is very sensitive to global warming and such modern-day calamities. You can also visit Tongass National Forest, which is not far away from the town.

Worth all the conservation efforts

Mendenhall glacier has been all over the news while global warming is being discussed, as it can be called as an indicator of Earth’s melting ice caps. The glacier has been reduced in size by miles since its formation, all due to the alarming rate of temperature. Some scientists do believe that the glacier might melt away completely if the trend continues, so the government has been strict in keeping it from further tampering by nearby construction works.

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