Mount Roraima

Flat-topped mountain from prehistoric period

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Tepui Plateau, South America

Image of Mount Roraima

Nature, the master architect

One look at Mount Roraima will tell you why it is one of the unique mountains in the world - its super-flat surface and extreme slopes make it seem some supernatural force chiseled it out from a bigger mountain. The mount is situated in the summit point of three countries - Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela.

Test of your mettle

The cliff-sides of Mount Roraima is extremely steep and challenges even the most experienced climbers. One of the edges is relatively easier to climb as it is more like a ramp and it takes two days to hike up to the top of the mountain from that side. But all this effort to climb the mountain is totally worth it just for the view from the top. Mount Roraima is about 2 billion years old and its own unique ecosystem and weather.

In pop culture

The shape of the mountain has always fascinated everyone and it has inspired many literary works, sci-fi novels mainly, like Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle. Mount Roraima that remained a mystery for centuries was the perfect setting to tell the story of a hidden world within the earth. Up, the 2009 Pixar movie is another work in which the mount makes an appearance as “Paradise falls”.

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