Rainbow Mountains

Mountains with built-in Instagram filters!

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Zhangye, China

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Image of Rainbow Mountains

Nature’s got talent

Danxia mountains of China looks like they were painted in a canvas with crayons of all possible colors! These sandstone mountains are in Zhangye national geopark and attract thousands of curious travellers annually with their colors that came straight out a Wes Anderson flick. It’s not just the colors that put Danxia mountains apart - the individual hills have distinct shapes that remind spectators of various animals and abstract shapes!

Reason behind the colors

The colors of the mountain have always made people wonder where they came from and the simple explanation is that it was a result of millions of years of erosion and weathering. The sandstone layers have undergone differential treatment by wind and weather resulting in different colors for each layer.

Visiting Rainbow Mountains

Visitors can easily enjoy the beauty of Danxia mountains from a distance without the need for any hiking or climbing. The easiest route to the destination is taking a bus from Zhangye. The mountains have been declared recently as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it created an increase in the number of tourists coming to see the colorful wonder, that is Danxia mountains.

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